Anais Muscat DOP Penedès

Grape Variety

Muscat of Frontignan

Vineyard: Pas del Tubell – Guardiola de Font-rubí (350 m altitude).

Year planted 1997. Growing system: Cordó de Royat.

Organic certificate (CCPAE)

Soil: clay and at the same time calcareous, deep and fresh.

Malvasia of Sitges

Vineyard: Can Ferrando – Guardiola de Font-rubí (320 m altitude).

Year planted 2012. Growing system: double Guyot.

Organic certificate (CCPAE)

Soil: clay, calcareous, permeable ground with good moisture retention.

** Betting on the recovery of a Mediterranean and native variety of Sitges coast. In the past this variety was not only growing on Sitges area but also nearby the prelittoral Mediterranean mountain range.


Warm climate under the influence of the prelittoral Mediterranean mountain range: cold winters and hot summers (important contrast between low and high temperatures). Rainfall average between 500-600 l/m².


The harvest starts when the grapes are at their optimum point of healthiness and freshness. The harvest is at night and the grapes immediately processed to keep the aromas of these varieties Muscat|Malvasia. Pellicular maceration that is cooling the grapes to  8ºC, fermentation at 17ºC.

Tasting note

To pay tribute to our grandmothers and mothers that with elegance and passion take care of our gardens, filled with good smelling flowers as this wine. Travel the Mediterranean, a wine of flower fragrances that awake the senses.