1+1=3 SWEET

Grape Variety

Vineyard: Mas Moió – Font-Rubí (400 m altitude).
Year planted 1968. Growing system: traditional (bush-vine)
Soil: clayey-loam, deep with good moisture retention, medium to moderately fine texture with little big components; light brown and orange colour. 8% slope.


Warm climate under the influence of the prelittoral Mediterranean mountain range: cold winters and hot summers (important contrast of the low and high temperatures). Rainfall average between 500-600 l/m2.


Dolç 1+1=3 is a sweet rosé wine made from the most carefully selected carignan grapes from our Mas Moió vineyard. The vines, which were planted over 40 years ago, consistently produce grapes of exceptional quality, perfect for making this new wine. Once the grapes have reached full maturation, they are left to over ripen until the appearance of noble rot appears thanks to the effect of the Botrytis cinerea fungus. This fungus only appears under the right weather conditions in terms of humidity and temperature.

Noble rot starts to appear toward the end of September, and throughout October and part of November it feeds of the water present in the grape pulp so that all of the sugar and aromas concentrate inside the grape itself. Ageing 12 months in French oak barrel of fine grain.

Tasting note

Elegant and light with a mild smokiness and hints of spices, honey and Havana cigar aromas. Hints of grapes skin, mineral, liqueurs and sweets with a long finish and a delicious after taste.

Food pairing

Orange bathed in chocolate sauce.
Dark chocolate, dried fruit and nuts.
White chocolate, dried fruit and nuts.
Rich ice creams and cakes such as “crema catalana” and toffee. Ice creams made from mango or yogurt.

Blue cheese, from Maó and brie.


2014 – International Wine Cellar (Steven Tanzer) (US): 93 points