The art of summation


U MES U (formerly known as 1+1=3) is a pioneering Penedès winery established in Font-rubí, Spain, in the year 2000, although the founders Josep Antoni Bonell and the oenologist Josep Piñol were linked to the wine world from long before.

Fully committed to the environment, we are a leader in organics and have converted all our own and controlled vineyards to organic status.


We sum visions and efforts.
We also sum joy, success and celebrations.
It is not only a summation, but many: the clay and the limestone;
the vine and the bee, the vineyard and the winery; the winegrower
and the winemaker; the environment and you.
Together we do things better.


We are what matters to us

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Each and every one committed
to this project plays an essential role.
Each of us contributes with expertise
and enthusiasm, which are key
to U MES U.
Caring for the vineyard, the winemaking,
the ageing… Each of us brings our knowledge
and expertise which are crucial to
this project.

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Research, trial and error,
learning and burning ambition
to improve are what enable us to enhance
the quality of our wines year after year.

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Implementing a sustainable agriculture
is our responsibility.
This calls for organic farming
and continuous monitoring of the
All our wines and cavas are 100% Organic and Vegan
Certified by CCPAE and The European Vegetarian Union.

Cygnus Brut Nature Reserva
Cygnus Brut Nature is a cava of extraordinary finesse that acquires greater elegance and complexity as it ages in the darkness of the underground cellars.

  Organic certified (CCPAE)

Made with three traditional and indigenous grape varieties, Cygnus Brut stands out for its freshness, exquisite aromas and subtle complexity.
Made without the addition of sulfites, this cava reflects the highest expression of a natural cava, with a marked structure and elegant mineral and pastry notes, typical of Xarel·lo.
Cygnus Brut Rosé is a sensual and delicate cava that seduces with its elegant aromas of flowers and fresh fruit.

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