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U Mes U Fan Tres (1+1=3) is a pioneering Penedès winery established in Font-rubí, Spain, in the year 2000, although the founders Josep Antoni Bonell and the oenologist Josep Piñol were linked to the wine world from long before.

Fully committed to the environment, the winery is a leader in organics and has converted all its own vineyards to organic status. It is also one of the few wine growing estates in Penedès that bottles its production exclusively from estate grown grapes.

Meticulous care is taken over the vineyards as well as the vinification. The result is a range of delicious wines with the emphasis on finesse, elegance and a perfect balance which have garnered much international acclaim, including a great number of medals in wine contests and top scores from leading wine publications.

The name 1+1=3 is about driving the company to be something more than just 2, by making the client be an active part of it.


The history of 1+1=3 is intimately linked to that of Masía Navinès in Font-rubí, south of Barcelona. In 1986 Josep Antoni Bonell started making Cava at the site with help from his wife Teresa. Throughout the mid 80’s and 90’s they produced and sold excellent cavas and wines out of this Estate.



In the year 2000, Josep Antoni Bonell and Josep Piñol joined forces to create 1+1=3, with the aim of making distinctive, terroir driven wines, inspired by the respect for the environment, the commitment to the Penedès tradition and the love for their land. The name of the brand reflects the sum of different synergies and also the aim of being modern, innovative.

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The company has recently moved the winery, tasting room, and offices to Mas Romaní Estate, also located in Font-rubí, were the founders and a motivated team of professionals  work on achieving the highest standards of quality and service to satisfy the needs of an increasing number of loyal customers around the world.

They understood from the beginning of 1+1=3 that it was essential to come back to their roots, to the origins of their ancestors, to a more natural viticulture. This is the reason why all their owned and controlled vineyards, all of them located in the Penedès Region, have been converted to organic status.

Their philosophy of winemaking is that organic grapes,  healthy and ripe and grown in harmony with the ecosystem, is the starting point for making genuine, expressive, terroir-driven wines.

Following the basic principle is that great wine is made in the vineyard, they are fully committed to respect what mother nature has given them.

The key factor in their winemaking is the utmost care on the work in the vineyard.

A properly balanced vine, with the right ratio of shoots and leaves to fruit, the right fruit exposure to light in order to preserve the freshness and the optimal ripeness of the grapes requires the managing of each vineyard plot separately.

They also vinify each of these plots separately with minimum intervention using state-of-the art technology, inert gases to avoid oxidations and low levels of sulphur dioxide. The aim is to preserve the purest expression from each plot and its grapes.

1+1=3 is inspired by a desire to produce distinctive contemporary wines, plenty of elegance and personality.

They are all charming and gently seduce in a finessed rather than powerful way.

With regards to the cavas, they seek to obtain freshness on the nose and on the palate, emphasizing the subtle purity of primary aromas rather than ageing notes. The key factor is to achieve a remarkable natural acidity, which allow them all to age maintaining their freshness and developing a charming, multi-layered character without oxidative notes.

Their still wines are fresh, clean and well balanced. They all have a pronounced flavor intensity, and are truly harmonious.

The ultimate aim is to produce honest cavas and wines which can be enjoyed by wine lovers of all experience levels and are meant to be an affordable luxury, ideal to turn everyday moments into special occasions.

Cygnus Brut Nature Reserva
Cygnus Brut Nature is a cava of extraordinary finesse that acquires greater elegance and complexity as it ages in the darkness of the underground cellars.

  Organic certified (CCPAE)

Made with three traditional and indigenous grape varieties, Cygnus Brut stands out for its freshness, exquisite aromas and subtle complexity.
Made without the addition of sulfites, this cava reflects the highest expression of a natural cava, with a marked structure and elegant mineral and pastry notes, typical of Xarel·lo.
Cygnus Brut Rosé is a sensual and delicate cava that seduces with its elegant aromas of flowers and fresh fruit.

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